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Wine isn't just something we make, it is a part of who we are.

We invite you to experience Corryton Burge at our family Cellar Door, Underground Barossa. Located on the main street of Tanunda, we offer unique wine-tasting experiences designed demystify and inspire. Delivered by our team of warm, passionate & welcoming hosts, our premium wines are accompanied by delicious snacks and morsels to match, with many a fascinating back story making for an unforgettable visit.


Family and legacy grounds us.

Our winemaking heritage extends back to the very origins of the Australian winemaking industry, and we proudly carry that legacy into the 21st Century.

Our cellar door was built by another original Barossa settler, Johannes Basedow. In 1896 the foundations of this winery were laid at 161 Murray Street, Tanunda and built of ironstone quarried locally. The Basedow family named the original winery site “Illaparra”, which was originally given to the winery in the 1910’s, meaning ‘gums by the creek’. Our parents became custodians of this historic site in the 1990s and since then, it has formed many core memories for both of us. We opened Underground Barossa in 2019 and transformed this former dark underground cellar into a warm and welcoming space that we hope everyone will enjoy.