Corryton Park

Home is where the heart is, and the heart of the Burge family is Corryton Park Homestead.

Corryton Burge is named for Corryton Park Homestead, the heart and soul of our family. Set amongst gentle hills in Eden Valley, it is guarded by a pair of proud griffins. These fabled creatures, now featured on our wine labels, are said to protect precious possessions.

Today Corryton Park Homestead is where our family comes together. Family weddings and milestone birthdays have been celebrated, along with many a casual gathering with friends over good food and wine. This home, with its spirit of family and friendship, embodies the heart and soul of Corryton Burge wines.

From Visionary Beginnings to Modern Day Winemaking.

Unveiling the Rich History of Corryton Park.

In 1845, a visionary named David Randall arrived in South Australia, setting the stage for the captivating legacy of Corryton Park. With an astute eye for opportunity, Randall acquired 1,000 acres of freehold land from Flaxman at Mt Crawford, which became the canvas for his thriving dairy and beef cattle ranch. A close confidant of George Fife Angas, one of the colony’s most affluent figures, Randall crafted a majestic mansion on the property, fondly known as Glen Para.

The year 1869 marked a significant turning point for the estate, as it passed into the hands of William Rounsevell Sr., a highly successful entrepreneur in the horse coaching business. Recognizing the grandeur of the estate, Rounsevell chose to christen it as Corryton Park, a name that remains etched in history. Following William Sr.’s passing in 1874, the estate gracefully shifted ownership to his capable son, John Rounsevell, an esteemed leader in state and local politics, business, and pastoral ventures.

Fast forward to 1999, and a new chapter in the Corryton Park story begins. Our father Grant, cherished memories of riding through the region on his horse during his youth, dreaming of one day calling it home. Fate brought him together with his future wife, Helen, and as their love blossomed, Grant promised to one day purchase Corryton Park Homestead for her and their future family.

Several years later, that heartfelt promise turned into reality as our family became the proud owners of this picturesque property. Our father dedicated his attention to cultivating the small yet exceptional parcel of vines, while our mother passionately focused on restoring the estate to its former glory.

Today, Corryton Park thrives as a celebration of its remarkable heritage, blending the timeless charm of its past with the visionary winemaking of the present.