Family & Legacy

Wine and Family are the heart and soul of Corryton Burge.

Welcome to Corryton Burge, a family winery rooted in the history of Barossa Valley, Australia. Our legacy stretches back six generations to the early settlers of the region, John and Eliza Burge, who arrived from England in 1855. Since then, our family has dedicated itself to crafting exceptional wines that have become synonymous with excellence in the Australian wine industry.

Our journey began with the production of fortified wines, sold door-to-door with a hawker’s license. Over time, we have grown and nurtured vineyards across South Australia, cultivating over 300 hectares of land to create some of Barossa’s most prestigious and celebrated premium wines. Each generation has lovingly passed down the heart and soul of our craft, and today, Trent and Amelia Burge carry forward this tradition with a passion for winemaking that spans over 150 years.

At Corryton Burge, we honor our rich history while looking towards the future. As the present caretakers of our family’s legacy, we are determined to create something extraordinary for the generations to come. Join us on our journey as we continue to build upon our storied heritage and craft wines that epitomise the essence of Barossa Valley.

We do more than make great wine, we put our heart and soul into it.

Our family’s journey might be long, but as siblings, we’re just getting started.

Trent,  a seasoned winemaker, embraced the family legacy from a young age, joining the business right after finishing school. With hands-on experience in the vineyard and as a cellar hand, he has honed his craft over nearly two decades, making him a true expert in winemaking. His unwavering commitment to elevating Barossa Valley’s reputation for top-notch wines fuels his passion every single day. With each bottle of Corryton Burge, Trent ensures that the family name remains synonymous with unparalleled quality and consistency.

Amelia’s love for wine and the family business grew from her childhood playground amidst the winery and vineyards. As a devoted wife and mother, she plays a pivotal role at Corryton Burge, managing all marketing and relationship-building endeavors. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Wine Marketing and valuable experience both within and beyond the family business, Amelia brings a wealth of knowledge to brand development and marketing, having worked in the wine and financial services industries.

Together, along with our parents, Grant and Helen, loyal friends and colleagues, we are on a mission to share the joy of wine with the world.