Corryton Burge is named for Corryton Park Homestead, the heart and soul of the Burge family. Set amongst gentle hills in Eden Valley, it is guarded by a pair of proud griffins. These fabled creatures, now featured on the wine labels, are said to protect precious possessions.


Corryton Homestead was built in 1845 and its land first planted with vines in 1851. The property captured the heart of a young Grant Burge as he rode his horse through the region. He admired the elegant Georgian home, set in peaceful gardens and rolling hills, and daydreamed of one day living there. Some years later while courting his wife-to-be, Helen, Grant proclaimed that if the opportunity ever arose, he would buy Corryton Park for her and their future family. Just a few years later Corryton had two new and delighted owners. While Grant turned his attention to the small but exceptional parcel of vines, Helen focused on rejuvenating the estate to its former glory. 


Today Corryton Park Homestead is where the Burge family comes together. Family weddings and milestone birthdays have been celebrated, along with many a casual gathering with friends over good food and wine. This home, with its spirit of family and friendship, embodies the heart and soul of Corryton Burge wines.

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