Corryton Burge Amelia and Trent Burge Family


Our family’s roots stretch back six generations to one of the original settler families of the Barossa Valley. John and Eliza Burge and their sons Meshach and Henry arrived from England in 1855. They and the generations since have worked tirelessly to build the our name into one of the best recognised in the Australian wine industry.

Our early settler family forebears made fortified wines and sold them door-to-door with a hawker’s license in hand. In more recent times, we have cultivated over 300 hectares of vineyards across South Australia and developed some of the Barossa’s most awarded and recognised premium wines. The heart and soul of all that work has been passed down through the generations. Trent and Amelia Burge are today’s caretakers of this legacy, with over 150 years of winemaking passion in their blood. They have created Corryton Burge to build upon the rich history and create something truly special for future generations.

“Wine and family are the heart and soul of Corryton Burge.” – Amelia and Trent Burge

6th Generation




6th Generation