Corryton Burge Winemaking


“Two principles guide our Corryton Burge winemaking philosophy. Firstly, wine is a simple pleasure that brings family and friends together. Secondly, be true to the variety.”

– Amelia and Trent Burge

Grape growing regions and individual vineyards have been selected to best express each varietal. Fruit-driven winemaking practices allow each wine to clearly and simply assert its true character.


Our family owned winery in the heart of Tanunda, Barossa is over 120 years old and is the home of Corryton Burge winemaking. It boasts traditional and modern equipment which allows flexibility in the winemaking approach, selecting the best technique for each parcel of fruit and the desired result. It’s not always a simple, technical decision. With the combined experience of the ‘Kith and Kin’ of this operation, gut feeling often guides decisions within a critical timeframe. It takes courage, belief and a little bit of trust in the elements.

“When you pick up a bottle of Corryton Burge, you can be sure we’ve done more than just made a great wine. We’ve put our heart and soul into it.” – Amelia & Trent Burge

Meet The Winemakers

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6th Generation