A winemaking philosophy that aims to be true to each variety.

Our family owns and operates over 300 hectares of vineyard throughout the Barossa region, where established vines, some of the oldest in the region, are expertly nurtured year-round. Our family has also built a loyal network of grape growers throughout the Barossa and the country and today, via a combination of family-owned and grower-sourced fruit, they are able to create exceptional quality wines through all the natural vintage variations.

Closer to home, the vineyard surrounding Corryton Park Homestead lies at the heart of the Corryton Burge label, its cool, higher-altitude microclimate producing superb Barossan Cabernet Sauvignon and Eden Valley Riesling.

Our family-owned winery in the heart of Tanunda, Barossa is over 120 years old and is the home of Corryton Burge winemaking. It boasts traditional and modern equipment which allows flexibility in the winemaking approach, selecting the best technique for each parcel of fruit and the desired result. It’s not always a simple, technical decision.

With the combined experience of the ‘Kith and Kin’ of this operation, gut feeling often guides decisions within a critical timeframe. It takes courage, belief and a little bit of trust in the elements.

Meet our Winemakers

Chief Winemaker

Matthew Pellew

Matt Pellew has a winemaking career that spans more than 30 years. A born and bred South Australian, his experience and dedication to our family makes him a vital part of the team. In 2022 he was crowned Barossa Winemaker of the year.


Imogen McNamara

Hailing from Queensland, Imogen started her wine career in events and sales. Inspired after a holiday to Barossa, she is now an honours graduate in Viticulture & Oenology and brings passion & vibrant energy to the winemaking team.

Sparkling & White Winemaker

David Horne

A newcomer to the Corryton Burge team, David has a rich history with the Burge family that spans more than 19 vintages. He brings wisdom and expertise in white winemaking, sparkling wines and fortified production back into the fold.